Open job positions

Open positions at the Academy in Novocherkassk, Russia and Swiebodzice, Poland: • customer service managers , a programmer; • physicians (doctors), physiotherapists, a nurse, a physician assistant, a cosmetologist; • hotel maids • massage therapists and operators for mud therapy procedures • trained massage therapists with work experience who know traditional massage techniques of different countries .

Age: 18-45 years old. Without bad habits. Healthy. Without eye problems. Only a long-term legal work with a good salary. Bonuses. Frequent salary increase. Career prospects. Free meals. Preferential accommodation. Without intermediaries

All the candidates for vacancies have to get acquainted with the contraindications to the acceptance of patients for the course of therapy in the Academy which are posted on our official website

These contraindications are also applied to our staff. Please pay special attention to the following contraindications: bad habits, the poor state of health, eye problems, tattoos, negative attitude toward religion, workplace culture, bad professional appearance. Please contact us only if you meet all the requirements. You can send your CV to our e-mail: directo[email protected]