Antibacterial spray dressing
  • Antibacterial spray dressing

Antibacterial spray dressing

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Antibacterial spray dressing


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Antibacterial spray dressing that allows easy dressing of minor wounds, abrasions and cuts. Flexible protective dressing, covers cut wounds, small wounds, abrasions, has antibacterial properties.

It is used for the quick treatment of abrasions and small superficial wounds on parts of the body that are difficult to cover with a standard bandage (elbows, knees). The preparation can be used by adults, including those suffering from diabetes. The spray can be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding, but only in small areas. The preparation can also be used in children over 2 years of age

Site of application: Abrasions and small, uninfected superficial wounds.

Duration of action: Until the wound heals (usually several days).

The method of using the medical device

1. Thoroughly clean and dry the wound surface.

2. Shake the canister and spray a thin layer on the wound from a distance of about 15 cm.

3. Use alcohol to wash off the product.

Contraindications and precautions

Do not use on bleeding wounds.

Do not inhale volatile substances during application.

Directions for use:

Rinse the wound with running water, starting from the center of the wound. Remove any mechanical impurities (sand, gravel) from the wound, disinfect the wound with a suitable agent and let it dry. Shake the spray and apply it holding it vertically 15-20 cm from the wound surface. Apply the preparation to the entire wound area so that it does not run off and let it dry for 3 minutes. If the thickness of the bandage layer is reduced, the AKUTOL aerosol can be reapplied.


Do not use on deep, contaminated or infected wounds or in the event of heavy bleeding. Do not use in the event of an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients. One coat is recommended. Applying more than 3 layers will worsen the natural breathing of the wound and slow down the healing process. A temporary burning sensation may occur after applying the spray. Do not use in children under 2 years of age.

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