Two business units of the Academy of Regenerative Medicine – in Poland and Russia

The Academy of Regenerative Medicine

A leader in regenerative technologies!

The Academy of Regenerative Medicine is a training, research, medical, recreational, regenerative and gerontology (rejuvenation) institution. It was founded in Swiebodzice, Poland in 2010 and its business unit was set up in Novocherkassk, Russia in 2019.

In a short period of time the Academy of Regenerative Medicine gained worldwide fame and became one of the leading health centers in Europe where patients from various countries are regularly admitted. Patients from 40 countries (the USA, Canada, Australia, Israel, EU, CIS, Asian and African countries) have already undergone successfully their courses of regenerative therapy in our center.

The Academy of Regenerative Medicine is not only a leader in disease preventing, cleansing and regenerating the human body in case of many chronic incurable and genetic diseases but the only center in the world where the method of integrated health improvement, rejuvenation and restoration of the reserve capacity of the human body with the help of simple harmless natural techniques is implemented and widely used. A promising new direction in complementary and regenerative medicine was developed, proven and implemented in practice in our center.

The invaluable advantage of this technique is the rapid restoration, regeneration and rejuvenation of the body in so much that our patients in any condition and at any age almost completely stop taking any medications, including painkillers, food supplements. They also stop restricting their food and keeping to any diet. They live a full life without diseases and medications!

Psychological problems

  • Anxiety disorders, including panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and phobias.
  • Depression, bipolar disorder, and other mood disorders.
  • Eating disorders.
  • Personality disorders.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Psychotic disorders, including schizophrenia.

6-Day Rehabilitation after COVID-19

A 6-day comprehensive program allows us to cleanse the body, strengthen the immune system in weak patients after COVID-19. This program includes colon cleanse, liver cleanse, lymphatic system cleanse, as well as parasite cleanse. This program is the most optimal prevention program to stimulate the immune system and eliminate some negative processes in the body. Prevention and detoxification for mild forms of diseases. Learn more about the program…  

Body regeneration programs from 13 days

Programs from 13 days and longer include a comprehensive set of procedures for disease prevention, health improvement, organ regeneration, whole body regeneration, body rejuvenation, as well as  for restoration of the reserve capacity of the human body and achievement of the highest sport results by athletes. Learn more about programs…  

Programs for severe diseases from 60 days 

Programs from 60 days and longer are optimal for sick people with such diseases as all types of myopathy, atrophy and muscle dystrophy, multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s disease, chronic incurable genetic diseases, autoimmune diseases, diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs, oncology, tumors, cancer, rare diseases, endocrine diseases. Learn more about programs…  

An effective method

We are the only center in the world where health improvement, body detoxification and regeneration are carried out only by using natural methods.


The Academy has all the conditions for achieving your desired result and for comfortable accommodation in home atmosphere. We provide professional services.

Astonishing effects

The uniqueness of our healing method lies in the regeneration and rejuvenation, restoration of the reserve capacity of the human body.

Reasonable prices

The cost of our services, compared with the cost of services of other health centers throughout the world is hundreds of times lower but the effectiveness is higher!

Why to trust us?

An unequalled method and a unique positive side effect

Our Academy of Regenerative Medicine is the only center in the world where such incredible positive effects of health improvement, body detoxification and regeneration are achieved only by using natural methods and unique know-how developments.

The uniqueness of our healing method is that it allows us to stop the aging process and replace the name of many “incurable diseases” with “curable diseases”. The use of this technique offers an opportunity to give people a new lease on life at minimal cost within a short time.

It’s universal and harmless. It virtually has no contraindications. It can be effectively used not only for prevention and healing of many diseases but also for body rejuvenation at any age. The positive side effect, which manifests itself as the regeneration and rejuvenation not only of the skin but also of the whole human body, means that this is the best place on earth to relax and improve your health and beauty.

After undergoing the course of regenerative therapy in our Academy, every person looks and feels healthy and many years younger without any plastic surgery. We invite you to see and feel the effects at first hand!

Professionalism and quality!

The Academy of Regenerative Medicine has earned high accolades and recognition from its patients all over the world owing to our highly professional specialists, our high level of customer service and the possibility of comprehensive disease treatment. The staff of the Academy can speak Polish, Russian, English fluently and provide high-quality assistance to patients from any country.

A high quality of life after the body regeneration!

The important advantage of our work is a high quality of life of our patients after their treatment in our Academy with healthy organs and rejuvenated cells in the whole body, with a strong immune system, without diseases and drugs.

Comfortable accommodation!

We offer comfortable accommodation with home atmosphere in well-equipped one bedroom and two bedroom apartments in our Academy. It allows our patients not to feel like staying in hospital and provides psychological comfort. We offer universal special balanced meals that can suit people with any disease. 


We pay great attention to training and opportunities for self-enhancement, self-healing and health prevention. We train specialists mainly for our health centers.

An advance reservation of a health-improving course!

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