Effective gel for burns.
  • Effective gel for burns.

Effective gel for burns

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Effective gel for burns


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Effective gel for burns

Burn gel is the best way to reduce pain, cool the wound quickly, disinfect and protect against contamination in the event of minor burns. It is perfect for kitchen burns in domestic and industrial kitchens. Useful in home and company first aid kits. In the case of major burns, use a gel in the form of dressings or blankets.

Features / Properties

It cools the wound, not the whole body.

It relieves pain.

It protects the wound against dirt.

It has a bacteriostatic effect, disinfects wounds.

Easy to use, transport and store.

It can be applied directly to the wound.

Can be used for all thermal burns (also for burns with white phosphorus).

Water-based gel (easily dissolves in it) and does not irritate the wound.

Sterile product, CE marked in accordance with the provisions on medical equipment.

Clinically tested, it remains safe for the eyes and mucous membranes.

Compatible with the pH of human skin, safe for children, infants and the elderly - does not show allergic reactions.

Store at room temperature.

Technical informations

Bottle contents: 50 ml

Period of validity: 3 years

WaterJel products known and appreciated all over the world. Until now, they were used only by medical services, fire brigades and the army - now we can have them in our homes to protect our loved ones.

Did you know that a glass of hot tea can cause 2nd and 3rd degree burns on the surface of more than 30% in your child.

WaterJel hydrogel dressings will minimize your child's suffering.

Man is a homothermic organism and physiologically he is able to regulate body temperature in the range from 0 to 50 degrees C of ambient temperature, staying in other conditions is possible thanks to behavioral regulation, i.e. gradual adaptation or protective clothing. Disruption of natural mechanisms through sudden thermal trauma causes damage - tissue burns. As low as 44 degrees Celsius causes tissue denaturation, 60 degrees Celsius burns the child's skin, 70 degrees Celsius burns the adult's skin.

The problem of burns is not only the dimension of someone's personal suffering, it is also a national, health, economic and social problem.

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