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Red Haretski cap

Red is a protection tool for everyone. The magic of red color is a protection barrier against evil, jealousy, evil gaze, cursing, charm and other evil forces. The red color works unimaginably, the
magic of red is a kind of protection and a barrier against evil.

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Red Haretski cap

Material 100% high quality cotton. Weight: 380 g / m²

Aleksander Haretski from the Academy of Regenerative Medicine in Poland and Russia believes that the strength of the red color lies in the energy which red colour emits.
Originally, when hunting for wolves, fladry was used, i.e. pieces of red, airy material sewn onto a strong string. They were hung, for example, around pastures, or they were fenced off a vast,
many-kilometer-long territory. The fladry was a barrier for the wolves, a wall that they could neither pass, jump, nor crawl under. In such territory it was very easy to hunt wolves later.
Wolves are not afraid of the red color itself, because they are predators and are in contact with the red blood of their prey. They are simply evil incarnate, for which these particular red flags
are a very large energy barrier that they are unable to pass through.
The red color means certain frequencies, vibrations, energy that influence the predator in such a way that it cannot cross the fladry barrier.
This is how the unimaginable and incomprehensible to an ordinary mortal works the magic of nature, the magic of red color, which is a kind of protection and a barrier against evil.
We believe that the color red is a protection tool for everyone.
What can you protect against? jealousy, evil looks, curses, charm, curses, emotional vampirism and mobbing act on us destructively, destroy our plans, our potential and prevent the implementation
of actions.
The Academy of Regenerative Medicine is a training, scientific and research, preventive and therapeutic, healing, regenerative and gerontological (rejuvenating) institution. The undisputed
advantage of this method is the rapid renewal, regeneration and rejuvenation of the body so that our patients, being in various conditions and ages, almost completely stop taking any medications,
including painkillers, dietary supplements, as well as stop using any diets, limit themselves to eating and live a full life without disease and medicine.


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