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Probe electrode vaginal for electrostimulation

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Probe electrode vaginal  for electrostimulation


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Probe electrode vaginal  for electrostimulation

Stress or stress urinary incontinence and pelvic floor muscle training with the highest quality device.

Damp underwear caused by laughing, sneezing or carrying loads in the early stages of this phenomenon is ignored and later attributed to "old age". Over time, we make efforts to remedy this by using panty liners. However, despite attempts to come to terms with fate, the feeling of shame and the significant loss of quality of life remain.

However, the solution to the problem lies within reach, as the cause can often be found in partial relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles. The pelvic floor muscles are one of the main muscle groups that supports virtually all pelvic organs. By training the pelvic floor muscles, you can effectively counteract urinary incontinence. The simultaneous improvement of the function of the bladder, intestines, uterus and prostate can also contribute to the improvement of sex life.

Electrical stimulation of the pelvic floor muscles can be an effective alternative to traditional pelvic floor exercises. During electrical stimulation, the pelvic floor muscles are controlled by weak pleasant stimuli (tingling), which makes them tense. For this purpose, electrodes (vaginal probe or rectal probe) are used vaginally or rectally. In this way, you can effectively train and strengthen the bladder sphincter, vagina and pelvic floor muscles. This reduces the need to go to the toilet at night and improves your ability to hold urine in the event of a sneeze or cough.

Electrostimulation with a probe allows for very effective:

- strengthening the pelvic muscles (Kegel muscles)

- fighting urinary incontinence

- relieve pelvic pain

- improving the function of the bladder, intestines, uterus and prostate

- for prostate massage and improvement of sex life

- combating the problem of uterine prolapse, lowering the reproductive organs and genitals

The probe requires the TENS EMS electrostimulator offered in our store www.shop.medycynaludowa.com


NOTE: Probes that are not originally packed for hygiene and health protection reasons cannot be returned. The right to withdraw from the purchase contract expires prematurely upon opening the hermetically sealed package containing the probe.

Hygiene rules

After each use, the probe should be thoroughly washed with soap and water and thoroughly dried. It should be stored in dry conditions, preferably at low temperature. After 6 months of use, when therapy is still required, the probe should be replaced with a new one.


The use of ems currents should be consulted with a doctor or therapist.

It is discouraged to use electrostimulation devices for people who wear pacemakers, suffer from severe cardiac arrhythmias, pregnancy or epilepsy. The electrodes should also not be applied to open wounds or areas of skin infections.

The electrodes should also not be placed in the vicinity of the carotid arteries, in the immediate vicinity of the heart or on gadgets or in the area where metal implants are placed.

Before using the electrostimulation device, we recommend consulting a therapist or doctor.

The use of devices should only complement therapy and should not replace the therapist.


High quality - exclusive - bipolar
Length: 147 mm
Maximum diameter: 25mm
Stainless steel electrodes (with the addition of nickel)
Connector: 2 mm
The product is used at The Academy Of Regenerative Medicine, and uses the proprietary method of Aliaksandr Haretski to perform comprehensive cleansing and regeneration of the body. This unique method allows not only to heal damaged parts of the body, but the entire body by cleansing it of toxins, eliminating the main causes of the disease, strengthening the immune system and activating the body's self-renewal. This method is considered the only effective method of healing in the world of many incurable diseases. Its side effect is even very desirable, because it is rejuvenation and stopping the aging process of the body. More about the center at http://www.medycynaludowa.com


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