Chinese vacuum cupping set

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Chinese vacuum cupping set


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Chinese vacuum cupping set

A set of 12 chinese vacuum cups with magnetic tips and a pump. An excellent tamer of diseases and cellulite. Much more convenient and safer to use than standard glass fire cups.

A set oh 3 actions vacuum cups:

-  Vacuum operation

-  Operation with a magnetic field

-  Points stimulation with pointed tip of the magnet

Base of operation: the vacuum is created by sucking the air with a special pump after applying the cup to the skin.

Our Cupping Instrument replaced the traditional ignition type air evacuation technique with vacuum air bleed technique, which make the cupping apparatus absorb on body surface acupoints to cause contrafluxion or slight blood sludging so as to facilitate smoothness of flows in channels and collaterals, promote blood circulation, pull out diseases, thus bloom your qi and blood. The Cupping Instrument can produce a powerful magnetic field effect and it is very effective for relieving pain, reducing swelling, decreasing blood pressure, decreasing blood fat, stopping disrrhea, detoxification, preventing cancer cell from proliferation, as well as other efficacies such as removing accumulated fat and keeping fit. The Cupping Instrument can be used for various kinds of medical treatment areas such as medical internal medicine, surgery, gynaecology, pediatrics, skin diseases treatment. The new Cupping Instrument, as a high-quality health care product, has advantages such as: fine outlook, high safety and reliability, high effectiveness, cure from surface to root, economical and durable.


Material: plastic

12 pieces of vacuum cups in various sizes, pump and wavyline, magnetic tips

Color: transparent

Dimensions: 7,5 cm x 6,5 cm, 7 cm x 5,6 cm, 6,5 cm x 5 cm, 6 cm x 4,4 cm, 6 cm x 3,4 cm, 6 cm x 3 cm,

Price: 45 zl

The price is for one set.

The product, used in the therapy at the Academy of Regenerative Medicine.

By using the author's method of Aliaksandr Haretski, the Academy of Regenerative Medicine carries out complex body cleansing and regeneration. This unique method allows us to heal not only separate damaged parts of the body, but also the whole body by cleansing it of harmful toxins, eliminating the main causes of diseases, boosting the immune system and launching the body's self-renewal process. This method is recognized as the only effective one for treatment of many incurable diseases. Its side effects – body rejuvenation and stopping its aging process are very positive. The motto of the Academy of Regenerative Medicine is «Your health is in your hands!”. Therefore the patients of the Academy receive a dose of the necessary knowledge which accompanies them later in everyday life. The procedures are harmless and 100% natural (we don’t use any medication!). So you can easily perform them at home. Thanks to qualified and professional staff, the Academy of Regenerative Medicine has been successfully treating people from all over the world for several years.


Chinese vacuum

Chinese vacuum


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