About ARM

The Academy of Regenerative Medicine was founded in Swiebodzice, Poland in 2010.

The specialists of the center work on the basis of the author’s method of Aliaksandr Haretski «The method of human organ regeneration, biological body rejuvenation, integrated healing of chronic “incurable” diseases and aging with the help of regenerative medicine techniques.

The use of this multi-purpose regeneration method allows us to have an integrated impact on the whole body at once rather than on its separate damaged parts, cleanse the body of harmful toxins, eliminate the main causes of diseases and boost the immune system. And it also allows us to launch the mechanisms of body regeneration and self-healing in patients with various diseases, including many chronic incurable and even genetic diseases. Our regeneration method is the only effective one for treatment of many incurable diseases.

This is the unique method that allows us to slow the aging process and replace the name of many “incurable diseases” with “curable diseases”. The use of this technique offers an opportunity to give people a new lease on life at minimal cost.

We don’t treat each disease and each damaged organ separately. We treat the whole body at once. Many diseases have similar causes and factors that aggravate their symptoms. They are a compromised immune system, various viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasitic worms (helminths), hormonal disorders, spine disorders, undernutrition, unfavorable environmental conditions and many others. We managed to create our own algorithm of treatment that allows us to have an effective integrated impact on the whole body at once, gradually eliminate all the causes of diseases and restore all the damaged parts in the body with the help of only natural methods and our own know-how developments.

One of the main distinctions of our regeneration method is the complete lack of any medications. We completely eliminated the use of any drug therapies, the use of which is very often ineffective, accompanied by side effects and it often causes only harm to the body. The majority of modern physicians are not interested in the use of effective natural remedies and methods and in fast healing of their patients. They offer their patients to use only drug therapies that only help to relieve some symptoms of the disease but not to eliminate its causes. As a result, the disease starts to gradually progress and becomes chronic incurable. The use of ineffective pharmaceuticals leads only to the prosperity of pharmaceutical companies and causes irreparable harm to sick people.

The use of more than 50 simple harmless natural methods of treatment and our own know-how developments allows us to achieve previously unknown results of restoration of diseased or damaged tissues via activation of endogenous stem cells.We are proud that we are the first in the world who managed to develop and prove in practice a new promising direction of regenerative medicine that allows us to improve the health of our patients with the help of simple natural remedies and methods via restoration, maintenance and improvement of functions of various organs and tissues.

Clinics and hospitals around the world very often provide only services for the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. The main difference between our Academy of Regenerative Medicine and other clinics is that the training course “Simple and available methods of disease prevention and body regeneration by means of regenerative medicine techniques” is included in our all regenerative therapies. The knowledge gained by our patients helps to significantly increase treatment effectiveness during their regeneration in our Academy and also allows our patients in future not to get sick and live a healthy lifestyle.

Our Academy of Regenerative Medicine provides high-quality assistance to all those who need it – both Polish citizens and overseas patients regardless of their race, religion and sexual orientation. Over 90% of our patients come to our center from abroad. Our patients come from all over the world: from various EU, CIS, Asian and African countries, and also from the USA, Canada, Australia and Israel.

The staff of our center speaks Polish, Russian, English and other languages fluently. We can offer translation services in any other language our patients may require.

During its existence, our Academy of Regenerative Medicine has earned high accolades and recognition from its patients all over the world owing to our highly professional specialists, our high level of customer service and the possibility of comprehensive disease treatment.

The attentive staff of our center does everything possible on behalf of our patients, makes efforts for their most comfortable accommodation and maintains personal contact with patients. It makes their stay at our center the most comfortable and enjoyable one.

We offer comfortable self-catering accommodation with home atmosphere in well-equipped one bedroom and two bedroom apartments with a bathroom and a kitchen in our center. It allows our patients not to feel like staying in hospital and provides psychological comfort.

We offer a variety of additional services. We conduct a preliminary consultation (face-to-face or online) in order to determine whether a sick person will be able to undergo a course of regenerative therapy in The Academy of Regenerative Medicine. We provide detailed information on the range of our services. We schedule medical examinations / regeneration / recreation activities depending on the particular task to meet each client’s wishes, individual preferences and capabilities.

The Academy of Regenerative Medicine gives to charity. We use all available cash for free or preferential treatment of low-income people.

The Academy of Regenerative Medicine offers training and retraining courses, refresher trainings for specialists of regenerative medicine. Our students can gain maximum theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The knowledge gained during the training is invaluable!

The course of body rejuvenation and healing incurable diseases for students is included in the curriculum only at our center. Our graduates will have the opportunity to become healthy and look years younger at the end of the training course.

We use all available cash for the improvement of our regeneration method and for investment projects. We are planning to build a new facility of the international department of neurology at our center and a new gerontological center in Walim, Poland.

Thanks to effective advertising campaigns of many medicines, many credulous people poison themselves with pills consciously and with pleasure. People are very lazy by nature. It is easier to take a pill than to do exercises every day. You are told that natural remedies and methods that have been used to treat a wide variety of diseases in all continents for many years are ineffective and they cause only harm. In many countries there is a negative attitude towards healers, because there are really some quacks among them as well as among other healthcare professionals. Many people do not understand the difference between natural medicine and ordinary primitive healing. We do not use healing techniques alone. This is the Academy of Regenerative Medicine in which a team of different specialists treats one patient. Our specialists use only natural methods and our own know-how developments that let them achieve unique positive results of treatment. The everyday hard work of each patient and his faith in recovery are also very important for his recovery.

We offer all sensible people to think and make their choice whether to undergo standard medical treatment with ineffective medications or start using our proposed harmless natural regenerative method without contraindications and side effects.

You will have a great opportunity to regain your health and beat your terrible disease forever, In future, you will pay more attention to disease prevention and your health and you will be able to help yourself and your loved ones to get healthy with the help of your knowledge gained in our Academy.

The unique results achieved by our patients are the best proof of the high efficiency of our unique method of body regeneration and the good opportunity of its successful use for the treatment of various diseases, including chronic incurable diseases.