About regenerative medicine

What is the academy of regenerative medicine?

The Academy of Regenerative Medicine does not pose, does not confirm or refute diagnoses, does not cure according to the diagnosis, but eliminates the causes, using a universal comprehensive method of healing, regeneration and rejuvenation, restoring reserve forces of the human body!

Only man can cure himself by own! The word “treatment” in our concept and on this page means regeneration, self-medication, self-healing and self-renewal of the body!

Regeneration (renewal) – is the ability of living organisms to restore damaged tissues and sometimes even entire organs.

To be clear – we do not cure diseases, we disallow the word „diagnosis” which is often the cause of disease.

Everyone should know of that!

It is true that not everything is as simple as we want it to be. You can not do nothing and have everything! I will exchange basic principles, without which you can not achieve a significant result in life and health, then you will understand why you can not buy health!

  1. A man can heal himself only by own! Before you look after your health, you need to change the way of thinking and lifestyle that led to the disease. And you have to count only on yourself, without fear of death, with a great desire to live a long time, regardless of the problems.
  2. Healing should be comprehensive – healing the whole organism! In order to heal comprehensively, you need to know how to cleanse the body and heal all organs individually.
  3. First, you must learn the principles of organ function and understand the self-renewal basis of the organism. You have to find your right path among lies and disinformation. An error in choosing a method of influencing the body can be irreversible and expensive to repair. In your life, you need to find your teacher, doctor and healer, whom you will trust immeasurably in the most expensive thing you have – your life. You must not only listen to his advice but also implement them. At the same time, before you start to adhere to the advice, you have to think with your own head on whether to comply with them, whether they help at a specific point in life, or whether they do harm. Turn on hidden internal reserves of the body!
  4. The first stage is cleansing the body!
  5. The entire family (including domestic animals) must be healed so that they do not transmit or receive „a gift“ – disease.
  6. It is necessary to eliminate all illness causes, both spiritual and physical.
  7. It is necessary to provide the body with all essential elements.
  8. Remember! Healing is only possible to the extent to which you will seek, try, act, as well as to what extent people and forces of good and evil will help or interfere.
  9. To provide help for yourself, do only good and good deeds! Be calm and balanced, change your anger for love and mercy. Love others, even your enemies, and then you will be happy and loved. Fill your soul with kindness, tenderness, love!
  10. Learn to ask for forgiveness for your sins, bad deeds and thoughts, for the sins and deeds of your relatives, ancestors, forgive all your abusers.
  11. Be sure to have a long-term goal in life. Without your own plan, you will reach a goal set and imposed by others! Program your body for a happy, healthy life, full of love, pleasure and wealth.
  12. Live with God in your soul, in harmony with the spirit, soul and the body, loving your neighbours and yourself! Then all positive thoughts will surely materialise.

If you fulfil all the above requirements the Academy of Regenerative Medicine is a good place for you, we can proudly call you our student and patient. However, without meeting even one condition – do not expect good healing results.