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When I first came to this clinic one month ago, June 3, I was suffering with fibromyalgia for 15 years. I am from America, and I have consulted with many, many different doctors from different areas of America, but my only hope was to “manage the symptoms” with different medicines and supplements. Pain, muscle spasms, no energy, inability to exercise, sensitivity to light, sleep problems – these were just a few of the symptoms I was experiencing from this disease since it affects all systems of the human body.

After only 10 days of procedures and cleansing at this clinic, I did not need any medicines or supplements because my pains and muscle spasms and other symptoms were now tolerated!

Each day, thereafter, my body has responded to these procedures very well, and now, at the end of the month, I am feeling like this disease is almost totally gone. This was my desire. I did not want to “manage symptoms of a disease”. My great desire was to rid my body of this disease. That is what has happened at this clinic and is continuing to happen as I go home today, after 1 month.

I am so grateful to Aliaksandr, his family and his entire staff for all they did for me to help me to overcome this disease in my life. I could never say enough kind words for them. I am so thankful that I found this clinic, and I feel like I can now have a healthy and happy life!

America. USA.

I am a young woman but I already had some problems with my legs. One leg hurt so bad and during the year it became thinner by one third. I tried not to limp but had a lot of pain and it became more difficult to walk. The disease progressed. Doctors were confused.

After the course of treatment my leg joint pains disappeared. My legs became identical and I can live a healthy life, go in for sports and wear high heel shoes.

I put your eye drops in my eyes only a few days and I even didn’t notice that I had given up wearing my glasses. I couldn’t work on the computer without them. My vision was 100% restored. Even though my doctor assured me that my hyperopia was inherited. But it was possible to easily correct.

Dear Aliaksandr!

Thank you very much that you are engaged in charity, for your free help. I am so grateful to you that you brought me back to normal life.

Marina. Belarus.

We rested and received treatment from December 25, 2011 through today.

We liked very much the Aliaksandr Haretski author’s method of treatment which is very easy to understand, logically well-built and it is based on a serious scientific basis.

Very warm and friendly welcome. We felt at home here. We will remember New Year’s celebration in the mountains for a lifetime. It was enchanting!

We had a great time here, got healthier and we go home happy.

We will miss you very much. See you soon.

P.S. We recommend all people who want to improve their health and have a good time to visit Academy of Regenerative Medicine.

The Tabakaev family. Belarus.

We went to….nowhere, but we came to the “little paradise” where everybody does all possible that a person will be healthy. We are very thankful to you for the warm welcome, for your great desire really to help other people, heal them and adjust them towards a healthier lifestyle. It`s a very reasonable treatment, competent and effective body regeneration since its first days.

I advise everyone who seeks to improve his health to undergo a health improvement course in Academy of Regenerative Medicine.

P.S. It’s better than Karlovy Vary!

Tatyana Shapovalova. Belarus.

The Sahonchik-Krajko family from Minsk thanks Academy of Regenerative Medicine especially Aliaksandr Haretski for the health improvement course. Thank you for your warm welcome and friendly atmosphere. Our health is in our head and in “your hands”. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, (massages…) and very useful information….We are always glad to meet you and your family.

Svetlana, Dmitry. Belarus.

Dear Aliaksandr!

I thank you and all your team that you lead people out of the critical diseases to a healthy happy life with the help of your healing talent, your knowledge and acts, your scientifically based and carefully thought out method of treatment.

I saw how a Polish man had been “brought” to Aliaksandr’s office. He couldn’t walk. Ten days passed and this man himself drove his car. Is it not a miracle?!!! And all because the whole system of methods is built and assembled into a coherent whole.

This is herbal medicine, bio-energy therapy, manual therapy and the main thing is the influence of his bio-field on the patients and no drugs. Thank you for your gifted hands. Your healing activity provided me with a new, even higher step in the development and the desire to be healthy and love myself. You are an example of God’s love on this Earth.

I sincerely wish you and your wonderful, very attentive and very conscientious team every day to rise higher and higher on the bright golden thread that connects you with God.

Thank you for excellent accommodation, both for adults and children. Thank you for your book “A Practical Guide to Rejuvenation and Complete Healing from Diseases and Cancer”. We look forward to your new books.

Special thanks to Irina and her children Andrej, Anastasiya, Aliaksandr for their attention, kindness and hospitality.

I wish that your souls which are full of love, kindness and wisdom, will always encourage you to new actions, guide all events of your life, manage your every word, your behavior and deeds.

See you soon!

Best regards

Rakut Olga

Belarus, Minsk, Zarechje,

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