If you have not found any information about your disease that you want to recover from on our website you definitely need to familiarize yourself with the contraindications to the use of this method!

If you have no contraindications, then this means that you have a huge chance to become healthy and happy – with our help!

The many year’s practical experience of using our universal for most diseases method: “THE METHOD OF INTEGRATED HEALTH IMPROVEMENT, REJUVENATION AND RESTORATION OF THE RESERVE CAPACITY OF THE HUMAN BODY” (Patent № RU 2 696 528 C1) confirms its effectiveness in case of the most difficult, incurable and even genetic diseases in patients, regardless of age and severity of the condition. At the same time, the following contraindications were identified in the presence of which the use of our method is not very effective:

  1. The negative attitude of the patient and people close to him towards the use of our integrated method of health improvement in whole or its separate elements (methods, techniques). Lack of faith of the patient, his immediate relatives and people around him, having a negative impact on the consciousness and will of the patient, in our healing method, its used techniques, body regeneration and self-healing. THESE PEOPLE DO IRREPARABLE HARM TO THE SOUL OF THE PATIENT, DESTROY HIS FAITH AND HOPE FOR HEALTH. ANY TREATMENT, SELF-HEALING AND BODY REGENERATION OF THE PATIENT BECOME IMPOSSIBLE AFTER THEIR NEGATIVE IMPACT ON HIM!

  2. The severe health condition of the patient, feverish state, haemorrhage, open wounds, decompensation of body systems: Stage IV cardiovascular failure, Stage IV respiratory failure, Stage IV cancer diseases (except cancer misdiagnosis, the number of which has recently increased dramatically).

  3. Infectious diseases transmitted by direct contact and sexually transmitted diseases. Our many year’s experience confirms the fact that even in these cases, our method is highly effective. But our possibilities are limited. In the Academy, there is no infectious disease unit and intensive care unit as well as no conditions necessary for the stay of such patients.

  4. The use of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, plant poisons, intravenous vitamin C therapy or hydrogen peroxide therapy. These treatments are conducive to the death of huge numbers of cells, not only in the tumor but also throughout the body. These therapies do more harm than good and after such treatments the result can be unpredictable. In these cases, treatment, health improvement and body regeneration are difficult, and we can only admit such patients for personalized body cleansing programs up to 13 days.

  5. Implantable conductive elements in the heart of the patient, electronic, magnetic or mechanical pacemakers do not allow us to use some of our methods. For this reason, we can offer such patients only light personalized programs.

  6. Smoking, consumption of alcohol or drugs. This is not a disease but a gradual conscious destruction of one’s own body, like suicide. Treatment of suicidal people is often a waste of time. For this reason, we admit such patients to the academy only in very rare cases. We offer them only personalized programs in special conditions separate from other patients.

  7. Some medicines, food supplements, diets and natural methods of self-healing, previously prescribed outside the Academy by doctors or healers, are most often incompatible with the techniques and natural remedies used in the Academy. The most difficult moment for the patient is to realize what kind of remedies and methods, in what quantity and when to take or use, whether to take or use them according to previously received advice of other specialists or to follow our recommendations. There are a number of vital drugs that previously had to be used by the patient. The responsibility for making a decision whether to use or not certain methods or remedies lies with the patient or his caregiver.

  8. Dietary intervention. Diet is a restriction of food intake. But for body healing and regeneration, we need to give the body all the elements essential for its normal functioning. You can live with diets, but it will be difficult to cure when using diets and the effectiveness of health improvement will be much lower. For this reason, we can admit patients with any food preferences for health improvement to the academy, but we do not have any dietary and other specific nutrition, except universal nutrition specially designed for all sick and healthy people. Our goal is to help people return to a normal and healthy life without using any diets, medications, folk remedies and methods. This is a difficult but doable task.

  9. Demonic, magical and negative tattoos on the human body.

  10. People who do not believe in the existence of any higher power or who are under the influence of evil forces. Wizards, witches, shamans, fortune-tellers, clairvoyants, soothsayers, magicians. Evil and envious people, slanderers, deceivers, swindlers, haters. People who are characterized by anger, hatred, pride, greed, lust, rage, gluttony, jealousy, laziness, fear – feelings that contaminate people’s souls. Such people do not believe in anything, everything does not suit them, they are dissatisfied with everything, they never follow recommendations and never complete their cure to the end!

  11. Exhaustion of the patient as a result of somatic or mental illness (fear, psychosis, abnormal personality, schizophrenia). People in such a condition need special care, without which they become dangerous for themselves and other patients around them. Such patients can be admitted to the academy only with caregivers.

  12. Kidney failure and hemodialysis.

  13. Long-term use of blood thinners. Such medicines not only highly thin the blood, increasing the risk of bleeding, but actually dissolve blood cells and blood vessel walls. They have a negative impact on the cardiovascular and haematological systems of the body, severely impair the functioning of the lymphatic and immune systems. For this reason, health improvement and body regeneration are very difficult.

In the cases indicated in clause 11 and clause 12, patients are admitted only to the Academy in Russia.

Minor children and patients, who require additional care, who cannot care for themselves without assistance or walk by themselves, are not admitted for health improvement to the academy without caregivers. (Their caregivers should also not have these contraindications).

In case of any above mentioned contraindications, admission to regenerative therapy is carried out only with the approval of the head of the Academy.

There is no need to spend time and money on the body regeneration in the Academy for people who have not atoned for their sins and the sins of their relatives, who have not got on the path of Goodness, Faith, Hope, Love and Mutual Help, who have not loved their neighbor as themselves!

After reading this list, each of you can ask how recovery from diseases, body regeneration and rejuvenation can be associated with deliverance from sins and other vices. The answer is very simple. This is not just a usual method of recovery from diseases but a method behind which light, good forces stand. They are called differently by different religions, but they exist and with their help this method of health improvement and regeneration of organs and the body as a whole has been created. It can improve the quality of life, change Man’s destiny, rejuvenate the whole body and prolong life. It is a kind of Youth Elixir that can only be used by people who are worthy of that, with the permission and help of the Higher Forces of Good.

Only a man can heal himself. The most important things are disease prevention and the right choice of appropriate healing methods. This is the hardest question in life: what method to use to be healthy and not to hurt yourself. How to choose among millions of methods the only right one, on which the most precious things that people have – life and health depend. Modern sources of information regarding medicine and self-healing are, in most cases, sources of misinformation and advertising of medications, pharmacological methods and natural treatments that do not have any healing qualities. In addition, many of them, in spite of the beautiful and tempting description, are very often deadly dangerous.

Currently, different kinds of charlatans provide their services under the guise of our branches and centers, allegedly acting according to our method. If in the “CONTACT” section on our official website there is no information about a particular branch or center allegedly working according to our method we can assure you that these are IMPOSTORS, and we kindly ask you to inform us about the existence of such a facility.