1. How is it possible to undergo regeneration therapy at the Academy and how much does it cost?

    You should choose a regenerative therapy program, write a message describing the problem in detail and send it to the e-mail address [email protected], attaching a questionnaire, medical examinations and other documentation regarding the course of the disease. After analyzing the received materials, we will send you an exact answer.

  2. How many regenerative treatments cycles are needed to heal incurable diseases?

    You feel better after the first treatment cycle. However, the regeneration is a long-term process, therefore at least two courses of treatments are necessary. The second time should be started after 2-4 or 6 months at the latest from the end the first treatment course.

  3. What rejuvenating effect is achieved in the elderly? Is it just an advertisement?

    A 90-year-old person cannot become a young person again. However, it is entirely possible to free an elderly person from the disease. Internal organs are rebuilt and regenerated, which is the proper rejuvenating process.

    Human age is defined in two ways - as physical age and biological age. You can not change the date of birth in the passport physically. However, changing the biological age is possible.

    Elderly people get rid of diseases after two treatments cycles. There is also a replacement of cells throughout their body, including the nervous system (although scientists believe that the nervous system cannot be regenerated).

  4. Is it possible to obtain free or reduced treatment in the case of a sick child?

    There have been cases of free treatment, but experience shows that such treatment does not bring the desired effect. We do not treat with pills and surgery. We only help the body to activate its self-regeneration functions. Most often, anything that is obtained for free is not valued by people. In this case, they do not make big efforts to initiate the regeneration process. Perhaps this is one of the reasons for the lack of treatment results in people who turn to free medical facilities. Coming to such clinics, patients expect to be cured there, they only rely on doctors and pills.The problem is that you have to rely on yourself, on your internal system to repair damage, you have to believe in higher powers, your soul and your Guardian Angel. You should also listen to people who give helpful advice and do good for your health, including your doctor. Regardless of the authority of the doctor or healer (including mine), only you are able to heal yourself. The cash and physical contribution should be maximum so that the effect is also maximum!

    The Academy has always led and will continue to do charity work. However, the number of people needing help far exceeds our capabilities. The development of a branch network using this method requires large capital investments and significant operating costs. At the same time, concealing this method of regeneration would be a crime against humanity.

    When completing the questionnaire, you can enter comments about the fees for the treatment. After considering the documents, we reserve the right to answer without the need to explain the reasons that influenced the decision.

    The best way to solve your financial problems is to pray to God and turn to special official charities and foundations. If there is God's blessing, money and distance will not be an obstacle. If there is no blessing, no money can solve problems.

  5. What should the patient do before coming to the Academy for regenerative therapy?

    The patient should read all the information on the website www.medycynaludowa.com , believe in himself and in God.

  6. What should you take with you when coming for therapy at the Academy?

    Clothes, swimsuit, bathrobe, slippers, insurance, documentation related to the course of the disease, test results, medications that the patient is taking.

  7. How to cleanse the body?

    The cleansing of the body should be done according to the method we describe.

  8. Is it possible to cleanse the body at the Academy during the regeneration treatments?

    Yes, you can. Cleansing the body in the conditions we provide is much more effective.

  9. How much time is spent on treatments?

    10-12 treatments are performed daily, from Monday to Saturday, from morning to evening.

  10. Where is the accommodation during the regeneration therapy - in an apartment next to the Academy or in a hotel? Is there internet access (wired or Wi-Fi)?

    Each patient is accommodated in a separate apartment at the Academy. There is access to Wi-Fi.

  11. Who decides about medication discontinuation?

    We only give advice. The patient independently decides what methods of treatment to use and what medications to take or not to take. In the case of a person who is not able to decide for himself, or in the case of a child, such decisions are made by the parents or caregivers.

  12. Is withdrawal for drugs to be immediate or gradual?

    Each drug has a different effect. Some medications are important to the functioning of the body and without them a person can die. In such cases, due to the significant regenerative processes occurring in the body during the treatment, the discontinuation of drugs must be gradual, taking into account their decreasing effect on the body over time. However, there are also drugs that can be replaced with natural methods without any problem, from the very beginning of regenerative therapy.

  13. What diet should I follow during recovery therapy?

    We do not recommend any diet. A person should eat what he has eaten all his life, as only such food is best absorbed. Man should eat what his body and every single cell demands, and any restriction can only do harm. For this reason, the Academy's patients do not just occupy rooms as it is practiced all over the world. They live in fully furnished apartments with a kitchen, so in a homely atmosphere.

  14. What is your attitude towards vegetarianism?

    I believe that every person should be omnivorous. Any restrictions may be harmful. In some countries, vegetarianism is considered a mental disorder. I believe that this is a problem that affects not only the human psyche, but also changes the work of the digestive system. However, any person can get used to any disorder (including vegetarianism) and can live happily ever after with it.

  15. Can I take painkillers?

    At the beginning of the regeneration treatment, taking painkillers is allowed, but only in small doses. The body must feel pain, because only then the nervous system sends signals to the brain about disorders that exist in the body, and the brain, in turn, gives the command to repair these disorders (self-healing).

  16. How do patients withstand treatments? Are these easy treatments?

    If you want to achieve the main goal - almost complete regeneration, then invisible and painless influence on the body with this method is impossible.

    The definition of the word "regeneration" is similar in any medical dictionary, and lists symptoms such as pain, redness, swelling, increase in body temperature and pressure. Without these factors, the regeneration of the body is impossible. Pain is the worst among all these signs. All people are used to taking painkillers for some or even no reason. Thus, each of these people personally stops the regeneration process of their body.

    Unpleasant sensations and pain may appear at the beginning of regenerative therapy and may last up to 6 months. Most unpleasant sensations and pain will occur in the areas of the body where the body will regenerate the most. All these temporary inconveniences make it possible to shape a healthy organism.

    There are treatments in which patients cry in pain and bruises appear on the body. However, all those who had completed the regenerative treatment once, come again for the next therapy, regardless of the fact that some treatments were not very pleasant. They return because they had noticed the great effects of regeneration. Without pain and other previously described symptoms, effective regeneration of the body is impossible.

    After familiarising themselves with the method of recovery, patients or their carers sign a declaration that they agree to all treatments, all possible "side effects" such as pain and the symptoms described above, and take full responsibility.

  17. What is your guarantee for the effectiveness of regenerative therapy?

    Any guarantee (for example for a device) never covers damage resulting from failure to meet the operating conditions.

    We are doing everything we can to start the self-healing of the sick person. However, we cannot guarantee anything that the person should do on their own. And such a person should drink clean water, breathe clean air, eat only healthy food and strictly follow all our recommendations.

    The patient should not become lazy, smoke, drink alcoholic beverages, take drugs and medications that cause a lot of side effects, and should not be nervous.

    A sick person should avoid stressful situations, believe in healing and God. No one can give us a guarantee that the patient will do all of this.

    Healing a sick person depends entirely on himself, so only patient can and should guarantee the effectiveness of regenerative therapy for himself. The only and best guarantee on our part is our reputation and the largest number of people healed of diseases that are considered incurable.

    We do everything in our power to heal everyone who comes to us for regenerative therapy.

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